What we believe

We are a Christian church

We believe in one God who has revealed himself supremely through his Son, Jesus Christ. Knowing God the Father means believing in Jesus his son and trusting his death on the cross for our sins. The great work of God the Holy Spirit is to bring people to faith in Jesus Christ.

We are an Evangelical church

We believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative word and is therefore the definitive guide for us in all matters of faith and conduct. We believe that the study and exposition of the God’s word will be the means by which God will transform the lives of individuals and the church body as a whole. We seek to apply the Word of God to every aspect of our lives, both private and public, individual and community, in order that we may live out and demonstrate the truth of the Gospel.

We are an Anglican church

We stand in the tradition of the Anglican Reformers of the 16th century, holding with them to the great truths that were rediscovered at the time of the Reformation, including the sovereignty of God in salvation, justification by faith alone and salvation in Christ alone. However, we have church members from many different denominational backgrounds and we unite under Christ, not under one particular denominational banner.

This video is a helpful summary of what Christians believe.

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All Saints Little Shelford, in all aspects of its life, is committed to the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults entrusted to its care. We fully accept and endorse the principle enshrined in the Children’s Acts of 1989 and 2004 that the welfare of the child is paramount, and we encourage best practice within the church community by setting standards, following guidelines provided by the Diocese of Ely in their “Safeguarding Procedures” and by supporting and working with parents.

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